Digital Citizenship

I learned in this session that you always need to be balanced with you’re family, friends and technology.  I also learned that I always need to be aware about all the websites there is because they can pop up and you can click on an inappropriate or bad website. I also learned that I need to be really protective about my iPad, I can do this by holding my iPad carefully and not opening it on the hallways.



I’m going to stay balanced by being a bit in the screen an a lot outdoor. I do this because I think I’m a bit more than I’m Supposed to be on the screen and not outdoors. So now I’m going to be more outside or at least not conected. I also think that I need to get of being conected at the first time that my mom/dad tells me to, not at the 3time. I also think that having  more balance is that instead of playing video games you can help you’re mom or dad in anything you can, for example washing the dishes or putting the table. For a conclusion I’m not saying that you can’t play games or watch videos I’m just saying that you need to play more outside.